Edie Dillman


Edie is an award-winning design director with a passion for community engagement and collaboration. She advises on communication, strategy, and planning to forward I+E’s mission.

Edie has lived in Santa Fe for twenty years where she led New Mexico Magazine for 5 years as Art and Photography Director/Associate Publisher. In addition to concept and design of a monthly publication, she managed the sales team and created partnerships with communities, advertisers,  stakeholders, and content generators. Edie won Gold for a state visitor’s guide for the New Mexico True Adventure Guide from the International Regional Magazine Association in 2017 as well as second place for Magazine of the Year in 2016 for New Mexico Magazine. Previous to her role at NM Magazine, Edie worked at Outside Magazine as both Photo Editor and Art Director on specialty publications including the Buyer’s Guide, Outside’s GO, and Traveler. Edie has worked to develop brands for clients for over 20 years including logos, packaging, websites, publications, and events. Before moving to the Southwest – she owned a consulting business in Chicago working with creative companies and individuals to be successful entrepreneurs. What she often found was that creative people were better at running a business than they thought and they simply needed practical coaching to develop plans and strategies for healthy growth and profitability.

Edie serves on the Board of Directors of The Santa Fe Art Institute – a thematic Artist’s Residency program. She previously served on the Board of the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe. She graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, California with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art and considers herself a life-long-learner looking for ways that creativity can improve the way we do business.