Kutlu Gulamber

Kutlu Gulamber, Board Member

Kutlu Gulamber grew up in Turkey, in a family of passionate educators. Following his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences specializing in microcircuit design and software engineering, he took part in a large scale software development project as a developer, and consequently as a Project Manager, implementing Factory Management Information System, a custom ERP for the three largest aircraft factories in the country. On a scholarship from The British Council, he moved to London for his studies for a Master’s in Design and Management of Information Systems.  Concurrently to his education, he designed and implemented a prototype of a Tourist Information System to be implemented in London, in kiosks where tourist density is high and provide almost everything that we expect today from apps like Expedia or Travelocity. During his 30 years of work in the industry, Kutlu specialized in systems design and implementation in emerging Internet Technologies and IT infrastructure development and integration in a variety of roles including engineer, business developer, manager and business owner. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded three start-ups where he led the work in branding, corporate identity design, corporate culture development, product and workforce development, marketing and sales. His work focused in education and government sectors involving K-12, community colleges, universities, head start organizations and sovereign Native American governments. With his breadth of experience in almost every aspect of business as a well-rounded scholar and entrepreneur, Kutlu is excited to be involved in the groundbreaking initiatives of Innovate+Educate as a board member.