Merrilea Mayo, Ph.D.

Strategic Consultant

Dr. Mayo is the founder of Mayo Enterprises, LLC, a consultancy in the areas of innovation, workforce, technology and the future of learning. Her most recent work focuses on skills-to-jobs matching. She performs analyses of public and private datasets to better understand what skills employers are looking for, what they mean by vague words like “communication” or “problem-solving,” and how to measure these skills. She assists employers in understanding the assessment market, non-profits in implementing new hiring models, and researchers in developing skill-based models of employment. Her prior work with Innovate+Educate appointment as an ACT Fellow and brief recognition of the effort on Prior to her consulting career, Dr. Mayo served as Director of the Future of Learning Initiatives at the Kauffman Foundation, and prior to that, Director of the National Academies’ Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable. She has launched two non-profits, ASTRA and the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership. Dr. Mayo is a materials scientist and engineer by training, having received her doctorate in that field from Stanford University in 1988, publishing approximately 80 technical articles, and serving as the President of the Materials Research Society’s in 2003.