Core Score®, built by national nonprofit Innovate+Educate, is an innovative portfolio of competency-based soft skills assessments for entry- and mid-skill workers and jobs. Core Score® may be used to measure an individual’s skills, as well identify those likely to be good and top performers on the job. The competencies measured are foundational to more than 55% of all jobs in the U.S. economy, and aligned to a competency model developed by more than 160 participating companies. Core Score makes skills visible, allowing you to optimize your pipeline and retain and develop your workforce.


“Simply looking at a job application doesn’t give an employer enough information to adequately assess a candidate’s abilities. Good people are often weeded out just because they don’t have a degree or meet some other generic metric. Using Core Score, Tufts Medical Center can hire new team members that are job-ready based on their true capabilities.”
— Sean Sullivan, Vice President of Human Resources at Tufts Medical Center


Skills Made Visible

Core Score® is a communication tool that maps soft skill competencies and provides workers access to lifelong learning resources to improve their skills. Easy-to-use score reports, and single-click access to training that allows workers to show their validated skills and helps employers find the talent they need today.


In Fall 2020, Innovate + Educate sold their technology (Core Score was included) to Tallo, Inc. and began the Skills-based Scholarship Fund. I+E is proud to include Tallo as a go-to-market partner on all of our skills-based technology products. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Personalized Approach

  • Take Anywhere, Anytime

  • Free To Use

  • Less Than 15 Minutes

  • Offered In English & Spanish

The Payoff

  • Core Score Report

  • Connect to Employers

  • Training Options

  • Get Hired