Scott Fast

Workforce + Technology Strategist

Scott serves as Innovate+Educate’s national strategist in workforce and technology, focusing on the development of the Skills to Jobs model and the implementation of the model in multiple locations across multiple industries. He leads the identification of critical local demand needs, quantification of the case for change, definition of job competencies by employers, identification of career pathways and skill up options for talent, connection of employers and talent, and tracking/reporting of impact and Return on Investment outcomes.

Scott was previously the Executive Director of the Accenture Foundation. Scott developed the strategy for the foundation’s support of Accenture’s Skills to Succeed initiatives and oversaw the foundation’s grant program. His areas of focus were helping students prepare for and attain a career and the effective use of technology to support development of career skills. Prior to his role with the Accenture Foundation, Scott was responsible for leading the implementation, operation and maintenance of large computer applications and business process outsourcing activities for many of Accenture’s clients. His focus was building client relationships, leading teams, setting strategic direction and managing projects.

Scott volunteers extensively with Colorado non-profit organizations, furthering collaboration between business, education, government, and non-profit organizations with a focus on strengthening the tie between the competency needs of business and the ability of educators to help students develop those competencies. Scott has served as the Chairperson of the Governor’s STEM Action Plan, serves on the Colorado Workforce Development Council’s Education and Training Committee, leads efforts to implement Colorado Cradle to Career Collective Impact initiatives, helped develop Colorado’s graduation guidelines, helped develop the Colorado Reads: Early Literacy Initiative and Colorado’s graduation guidelines, and is helping design Colorado’s Computer Science curriculum.