Join us in our work to ensure an equitable future for all with our focus on skills for the future of working and learning.


Innovate+Educate was founded in 2008 to create a skills-based paradigm shift for working and learning.

Founder Jamai Blivin and her team of experts spent a decade piloting strategies and technologies to ensure this shift. The Board of Directors was instrumental in supporting the organization over the decade.



The working learner population is 1.3 times larger than the traditional learner population (meaning, full-time students working less than 20 hrs a week.) The learning worker population is 4.5 times larger. Together, the two populations are enormous drivers of change in higher education. The report elevates the need for just-in-time, bite-sized learning that makes sense for someone working and learning at the same time.

Our Mission

To create new employment pathways for workers based on skills and competencies.

Our vision

To strengthen our workforce by "filtering in" and providing access to training and employment aligned to high demand jobs.


Innovate+Educate’s assess / hire / train / advance framework implements evidence-based, employer-led strategies to drive competency and skills based hiring and training for in-demand jobs.

Our framework is fueling a nationwide adoption of new industry-driven, competency-based hiring processes critical to creating pathways to employment for the many workers struggling or left behind in the current education-to-employment system.

Provide innovative technologies to assess skill and competencies

Help employers find the right person for the right job creating economic mobility

Aggregate training aligned to employer and workforce needs to increase competencies

Provide career path clarity, skills-based choices creating opportunities to expand careers