Join us in our work to ensure an equitable future for all with our focus on skills for the future of working and learning.

Innovate+Educate NM was founded in 2008 by founding board members Dr. Brian Ormand (NMSU), Jami Grindato (Intel Corporation) and Jamai Blivin (CEO of I+E).

The vision was simple: 

How can business and industry work together with I+E and other nonprofits on improving New Mexico's future education and workforce? 

Since then, we have been involved in hundreds of projects across the U.S., New Mexico, and even globally. In 2020, we turned to a focus on projects in Northern NM that are making an impact. Specifically with a focus on youth and young adults' futures. 

Innovate+Educate has been a leading force across the U.S. on skills, skills based hiring and skills-based training. Our work has expanded from large global companies on their skills-based hiring efforts (Hyatt, Tufts Medical Center and more), and grassroots efforts like our Santa Fe County Pro Skills Program, a program that provides skills and leadership training to youth and young adults in Santa Fe County. We work with each graduate of Pro Skills to place them into internships, job interviews, and full-time employment. 

Innovate+Educate (and Pro Skills) is a member of the Northern New Mexico Work Based Learning Coalition, an effort focused on work-based learning efforts across Northern NM, including employer partnerships and job placement. 

Our Mission

To create new employment pathways for workers based on skills and competencies.

Our vision

To strengthen our workforce by "filtering in" and providing access to training and employment aligned to high demand jobs.


Innovate+Educate’s assess / hire / train / advance framework implements evidence-based, employer-led strategies to drive competency and skills based hiring and training for in-demand jobs.

Our framework is fueling a nationwide adoption of new industry-driven, competency-based hiring processes critical to creating pathways to employment for the many workers struggling or left behind in the current education-to-employment system.


Provide innovative technologies to assess skill and competencies

Help employers find the right person for the right job creating economic mobility

Aggregate training aligned to employer and workforce needs to increase competencies

Provide career path clarity, skills-based choices creating opportunities to expand careers