Our framework is fueling a nationwide adoption of new industry-driven, competency-based hiring processes critical to creating pathways to employment for the many workers struggling or left behind in the current education-to-employment system.

Approach Elements

Tools, Processes, and Support


Provide innovative technologies to assess skill and competencies

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Non-Cognitive Skills


Help employers find the right person for the right job creating economic mobility

  • Standard hiring processes
  • Job Ready job fairs
  • Skills-based hiring


Aggregate training aligned to employer and workforce needs to increase competencies

  • Company  specific learning
  • On the job training
  • Mapped to skills/regions
  • Skillup sites
  • Free/open to all
  • Virtual coaching


Provide career path clarity, skills-based choices creating opportunities to expand careers

  • Role specific progression
  • Career path clarity
  • Skills-based choices

How We Do It





Traditional Approach

"Filter Out"

Candidates with traditional assessment criteria:

  • College
  • Certifications
  • Technical degrees
  • Related work experience

Innovative Approach

"Filter In"

Candidates with non-traditional assessment criteria:

  • Informal learning
  • Natural abilities/skills
  • Life experience
  • Military experience