Ryan Dimas

Ryan Dimas, Project Director

Ryan Dimas is the Founder and Director of “No Purpose Left Behind” (NPLB), a nonprofit dedicated to helping youth and young adult offenders by providing opportunities for self-awareness, goal setting, mentoring, and skills training to ensure participants have a support system that connects their lives to a purpose. Ryan’s principle is simple – “that everyone has a purpose that has been waiting for them their entire life”. Ryan’s own experience in the system, and then finding his faith in Christ while still in prison is what drives his purpose and work. Ryan spent a total of 13 years in prison from the age of age 18 to 31. It was 3 years before he was released that an old friend introduced him to God’s love for him – which changed Ryan’s life from darkness to light. One year later, Ryan was baptized in the Hobbs NM prison and shortly after enrolled in Seminary School where he received his associate degree in Crusade Evangelism. In the span of 2.5 years in prison, even though he renounced all facets of his previous life (prison politics, drugs, addiction) he did not choose to go to a facility or unit constructed for people that walked away from the life. That would have been much easier. But, Ryan chose to be amongst people and be an example that his life was not a fairy tale or Hollywood documentary but was a reality and a door that others could walk through – all they had to do was to open it. And, it was that experience that led to his choice to do the work he is now called to do – to show others that they don’t have to go to prison to find redemption. It is Ryan’s hope that NPLB will not only become an avenue for youth, but for adults as well. Redemption does not require a particular group or age, but simply requires trust and obedience, and most importantly love. Ryan considers all who seek a fresh start to be his friend. Ryan is a Santa Fe native but was born in Las Cruces, NM. He has a Dad that resides in Santa Fe and a mother who lives in Deer Lodge, Montana with her loving husband. Ryan also has two brothers which whom he has had the opportunity to reconcile and enjoys getting to know his favorite nephew, Jackson Dimas, 18 months old. Ryan has a strong desire and faith that his lie will have a lasting impact on the restorative justice system.